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The History of Signs on Penn Road

It was 2008 and I was getting tired of seeing the signs everywhere in my neighborhood about redistricting the local schools. I had also noticed a new sign store nearby. One day I was at the kitchen sink washing the dishes and looking out at my garbage area where there was a discarded sign from my daughter's recent high school play. All of a sudden a whoosh of inspiration filled me: "I could put my own signs out!" I wanted to express the values in my heart and share what I have learned from being a psychologist and a spiritual seeker. So I started a list of words that are important to, gratitude, kindness, truth. Soon I was sculpting them into short phrases that could fit on an 18" x 24" sign and posting them on my front lawn on Penn Road in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

Now, 13 years later, I'm leaving my house and downsizing to a nearby town. As a result, my sign practice has had to come to an end. But an active neighborhood thread on Facebook recently showed me that many people have enjoyed reflecting on the signs' messages and a few suggested that I continue to share by writing. So here I am. I'm planning to blog about what each sign means and hoping to stimulate thoughts and feelings. Please subscribe if you're interested.

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